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Thrifting Maxim: Don't Give Up!

Above and right is a recent find. A Pebble side table, storage unit designed by Marcel Wanders for Magis and made in Italy
Don't get discouraged! More often than not we leave empty handed. It's difficult to stay up-beat when you haven't scored anything in a week, but that's what keeps us coming back. The unknown and the possibility of finding something the next day! Specialize? Decide if you want to specialize or if you're a free-for-all shopper. Specialization helps limit the areas in a thrift store where you need to look, which will make your trips more efficient. This allows you to make a “surgical strike” and move on to the next store. If you're like us, though, you'll want to check out every aisle and every rack, so this takes more time. But it also increases the odds you'll find something great.

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