Sony STR-V7 stereo receiver

After doing more research it turns out this is the top-of-the-line Sony STR-V7. Strangely, this receiver has a paper Sony label on the back that says STR-V6. Nevertheless, the features show it to be a V7. In addition, all of the labels on the front are that: labels rather than screen print. So this is an unusual model. Very early massive Sony stereo receiver. This receiver has to weigh as much as my Sansui QRX 8001, a good 50-60 pounds. Manufactured in 1978. This receiver looks and works great.

I asked for comments on this receiver at and the consensus is that this is likely a prototype unit never meant for sale. This is indicated in part by the decals on the face plate.

More information is available at the Vintage Knob.


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