Kenwood KD 2070 direct-drive turntable

This Kenwood turntable was apparently made in 1978-1980. If you have more information, please let me know. It's manual in that you must physically bring the needle to the record. Old school!


  1. The KD-2070 was the bottom-of-the-line turntable for Kenwood in the late '70's, but it's a good unit. It's quite resistant to vibration and has good wow/flutter/rumble levels (all low). One of the better low-price direct-drive 'tables made in that era. Make certain it has its anti-skate compensation (a tiny weight and some very fine thread hanging off the side of the arm near the pivot) or it won't work properly. Yours appears to be in superior cosmetic shape to the one I picked up from a local public radio station a while back. I put an old but good Joseph Grado 8MZ cartridge in mine and it sounds superb!

  2. I got my KD2070 off Craigslist. The guy serviced it and did a good job. The cart he had on was for shit. I upgraded to an Ortofon S series. The table sounds INCREDIBLE. I'm in awe of this thing. It tracks every lp I own, even the really muffed up ones, like a champ. Too bad these are going for double or triple the price now. I'd pick up another one in a heartbeat.


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