Utah A-60 three-way speakers

Just picked these up at a thrift store. It was half-price day, so they were an amazing deal. Utah speakers don't get a lot respect on the vintage audio blogs, but both work and sound great. Fender often used Utah speakers in their amps. These'll go in the garage with my Sony receiver.


  1. I just bought this exact pair from a nice guy in Bloomfield Colorado. I suspect they are the same due to the ripped tag, it matches exactly. Upon purchase inspection it appeared the mid was blown, but upon closer inspection on the bench it was just a fried cap (lucky me!) They present a sound stage one would expect from American made drivers with proper cobalt. So it these are the same speakers that pretty cool.

    1. Hi Matt, Yep, these are one in the same. I'm glad that the fix was an easy one for you! Jordan

  2. Question:
    I just found your page on the Utahs after scouring the internet for a bit. I just picked up a pair of A-70v Utahs. Sound very nice, but the cabinet on one is broken along the top; I'l have to build some new cabinets. I wanted to open them up to check the insides but I'm stuck, or rather, their backs are. The backs are each secured with 8 wood screws which I've removed but I can't pull the backs off. Don't know if they're stuck on due to age or what. Have you opened yours and if so how?


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