Crisman Glendinning "Plus One" speakers from Boulder, Colorado

These are very interesting in that they are only partially finished. The grills are non-existent and the cabinets are particle board. Nevertheless, I believe these to be original as both cabinets have stamped serial numbers. In addition, all of the drivers are marked Crisman, though I've been told they are re-branded EV drivers.

Well, I learned a lot more about this speakers today. I tracked down Will Luden who owned Crisman and here's what he had say:
"Well, this is officially wild.  

"The cabinets use my own 1/4 wave bass reflex design, adapted from a pre-WW II design by G. A. Briggs, the Founder of Wharfdale Speakers (sand-filled side walls) in Britain.   The speakers themselves, as well as the crossover, were made by Electro Voice.  This a very efficient design, able to use low power amps, putting out a ton of bass.  Only a few of the unfinished ones were ever made; most people preferred a more finished look for their homes.

"Unfinished, I believe (and you are taxing my memory) they were $115 each.  They are the Glendinning "Plus One" model.  There were made in BoulderCO.  The name Crisman comes from the tiny mountain town West of Boulder where the company started."

I found this below on a website, though I don't know how accurate it is:

"Crisman was started in the early 70s by Will Luden. He lived in Crisman (up 4 mile canyon) at the time. Hence the name. He made his own speakers and was asked by friends to make them some. This became popular enough that he started a retail business in a little stone house on West Walnut next to Nancy's Restaurant. 

Source: Audiocircle


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