Graphic Design: Album Cover Art

Instead of purchasing today's mass-produced art for you walls, why not try something different?

Frugal living dictates that even album covers can be art. And when you throw in well-known designers and artists, like Josef Albers, you can have semi-original art to hang that no one else will have.

The albums below were all $1.99 at thrift stores. The frames are $10-$15 and available online or at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michaels. Both of those have coupons for 40% off and frequent sales.

Because the music isn't so great, these records are fairly unpopular, which makes them abundant at the thrifts...until you learn about the graphic design that went into them.

Josef Albers

Another view of a Josef Albers cover

Ready for hanging

Josef Albers


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