Making Manning, Bowman My Mistake

Manning, Bowman & Co. coffee pot
I saw this, loved it and I had to have it.

Just looking at makes me happy (which I know is sick and wrong). I always figured it was a samovar and promptly put it on top of the china cabinet for decoration.

A couple years go by and then my best friend calls and says she was at a party and the hostess had one exactly like mine and did I know it was a coffee percolator? Uh, no.

I was so busy admiring the front that I didn't examine it closely or do any research!

I found a few examples of this Manning, Bowman & Co. chrome and Bakelite beauty. Now I'm on the hunt for a replacement cord. Luckily, this mistake tickled me - not usually the case!

Amazing chrome

Another view of the coffee maker


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