Stepping Out: Boot Collection Continues to Grow

J Crew Ludlow, Red Wing Pecos, Supreme cap-toe
So I've always liked boots and had the pair of Supreme cap-toe boots (far right) for a few years and wore them to work with my suits.

More recently, it seems, I've been finding tons of boots. Some of which I keep, others I sell and still others my kids grab (Red Wings, Chippewa and Carolina, for example) before I have a chance to think about it!

Lately, I've been wearing these boots with jeans, but they also go well with dress pants. All of the boots below were found at thrift stores, naturally. Amazingly all of them, except the Red Wings, had hardly any wear.

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J Crew Ludlow boots as found at thrift store
Red Wing Pecos boots before TLC
Chippewa logger boots


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