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The elusive stack of blues and jazz records
I spend a lot of time checking through the records at thrift stores. Like other finds, good ones are few and far between. I can remember only one time I've come home with a legitimate stack of jazz and blues LPs (below).

Over time, I've become pretty particular as to what I grab.  One requirement is no, or very few, scratches. While I wash, yes, wash, all my albums before playing, they need to be in near-pristine condition if I'm going to buy them.

The record rack below had some decent finds, including Johnny Cash and Hank Thompson.


  1. Great find on the albums. Another great source is the upcoming Vintage Voltage expo at the Ramada, 120th and I25. It's only a one day event, but there usually a bunch of great deals on vintage audio and albums. There is usually one seller there that sells only LPs, thousands of them. It is March 26th I think.

    1. Thanks for the information! We live right near there. May have to check it out! Especially if the prices are good. Have you bought albums there?


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