Thrifting Life: This is What We Keep

Chair designed by Norman Cherner for Plycraft
We write a lot about our finds and the ones that're up for sale. Today we're looking at a few of our thrift store finds that we've kept for our home.

Years ago we found a set of four midcentury plywood chairs designed by Norman Cherner produced for Plycraft (left). The same goes for all the Nambe featured on the unusual asymmetrical table in the background. No idea who designed or produced the table, but it's very unusual so it's stuck around.

The Vance Kirkland poster (below) is another thrifting find and it sits just to the left of the side table. The poster was produced in conjunction with a marathon three-day performance in Denver.

These are a few examples of what we've kept, including the Supreme cap-toe boots (left).

What do you hang on to after a shopping trip?

Vintage Vance Kirkland poster from 1979


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