Ethics at the Thrift: Two New Tips to Score the Goods

Should you hide your great find in the plastic
rolling cabinet
We've shared six thrifting tips recently here and here.

Today we delve into two more, which are less tip and more thoughtful.... One may pose ethical concerns. Let us know what you think.

The first is something we see often at the thrifts. The "blockers." They are regular shoppers or dealers. If there's a case full of jewelry or an aisle chock-a-block full of interesting items, you can be sure the blocker (below right) is using their cart to literally block the entire case or aisle, ensuring no one else can have a look. So what do you do? Casually push the cart to the side? Say "excuse me"? Or move on and come back later?

Many thrift stores have half-off days on Saturdays or to celebrate a holiday. Our second tip may tread on some ethical ground. Knowing that your amazing find will be half price the next day, should you hide it in the store? You're not stealing it. You're not switching price tags. There's always the possibility someone else might find it.
I'd like to take a look at the CDs, too

All you're doing is simply hiding it behind a pile of less desirable junk so you can pick it up the next day at a great price.

Right? Wrong? Unethical? Let us know. 

We'd love to get your take.


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