Everyday Carry Essentials

Vintage unknown maker sterling silver belt
buckle, vintage Seiko "Turtle" dive watch, aluminum
Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife

I like to mix-up my everyday carry every day of the week. I grab a new belt, different watch and more depending on the day.

Some of my best finds are sterling silver belt buckles. I really like ranger sets - a buckle, usually two keepers and a tip - and have been lucky enough to find quite a few over the years. I'm also nuts about dive watches, mainly Seikos. They're tough, have classic looks and are inexpensive.

Many times thrift stores don't recognize sterling silver belt buckles. They always seem to catch regular jewelry, rings and earrings, but for some reason the belt buckles have a tendency to slip through. That was the case with the Anderson Parkett ranger set on the right. I bought for the price of the belt, which was about $8.

Don't forget, 99 percent of what you see on our blog was scored at thrift stores or pawn shops.

There are still great deals to be had if you keep on searching!

Seiko dive watch, Wenger Swiss Army pocket 
knife, vintage sterling ranger set

Vintage sterling ranger set with snakes,
Victorinox knife, Citizen GMT watch, coin pouch

Anderson Parkett sterling ranger set,
Movado Kingmatic, Buck/Wenger pocket knife


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