Everyday Carry Victorinox: When Enough is Never Enough!

Victorinox Soldier Swiss Army Knives. 
Knife on right from 1975
I've been finding a few Victorinox Swiss Army knives lately at thrift stores and pawn shops. The deals have been good: $6-$10 for any given knife. Most are in decent condition, too. The two on the right, below, are Victorinox Soldier knives. Both have aluminum scales. The red one has the old-style cross, while the silver one is from 1975.

In the photos below on the right, we've got the Swiss Army knives in a midcentury Ben Seibel designed valet made from pot metal and finish in brass.

There's some great information at Swiss Army Knights detailing many types of Victorinox knives.

If you don't have time to run around to find a Swiss Army knife on your downtime, take advantage of our link below. The prices are competitive and the knives are new.

Collection of Victorinox and 
Wenger Swiss Army knives

Large Victorinox knife with pliers

Victorinox knives in Ben Seibel valet for Jenfred

Victorinox knives in Ben Seibel valet for Jenfred


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