Lacking Goodwill: Why We Never Set Foot in this Thrift Store

A Goodwill store
Goodwill provides services throughout the U.S., Canada and several other countries. This is great for those who use the services and those it employs. But thrifters need to be aware of one Goodwill's largest profit centers: its online auction site.

While this is a great way to get the most cash possible for merchandise, which helps pay for its programs and its President and CEO's $700,000 plus annual salary, retirement, other benefits and the amazingly large salaries of the other officers of this non-profit. But that doesn't help on-the-ground thrifters.

But we digress. Because Goodwill has its own auction site, it skims all the best merchandise from its stores. Every once and while we hear of something good that falls through the cracks, but not often. By taking this route to sell donations, Goodwill leaves little behind for the daily thrift hunters looking for good deal, whether it's for themselves or to resell.

Every six months or so, I give Goodwill another shot, hoping that something may have slipped through the cracks. I always walk out disappointed. It's hard to keep the shelves and racks stocked when the real thrift store is online.

What's it like in your area? Depending on the size of the community, we imagine not all Goodwill stores put items online. So your city may not be picked over by Goodwill, providing an opportunity for some treasure hunting.


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