Sometimes You Can Go Back Home Again (to the Thrift Store): Adrian Pearsall Easy Chair

Adrian Pearsall easy chair at thrift store
We didn't end up buying this Adrian Pearsall easy chair we found at a local thrift, but it was in great condition. Needed a little repair, but the upholstery was in great shape.

Pearsall chairs can be ID'd by the leg construction. The example below is typical with its swooping leg design made from solid wood.

A great looking piece of mid-century furniture!

UPDATE: After much overnight deliberation, I went back to the thrift store first thing the next day. The chair was still there and priced. So I brought it home. Did a little steaming cleaning and vacuuming and now the midcentury chair is in our living room!

Scored the next day

At home with a thrifted Yngve Ekstrom
triangle side table


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