Things to Get You Bling!

My mod, sterling silver necklace
One of my most favorite gifts is the vintage jewelry my husband has given me over the years.

I was a little squeamish at first. Buying used jewelry Buying jewelry at a thrift stores or estate sales? Yuck!

But really, getting estate sale jewelry at the jewelers is the same thing, although they are more knowledgeable than I am. But you have to pay for that knowledge and for the middle man, because they need to make a profit, too.

Over time, I've taught myself how to identify high-quality jewelry, whether it's real or costume. (See my post on identifying sterling silver for more tips.)

I really like the uniqueness of vintage. (I bought a pair of silver earrings at Costco because they had an unusual shape and the price wasn't too high. I know two other woman who have the same earrings!)

I also like that the jewelry has stood the test of time and is well made. I think we've all bought new earrings, watches or necklaces that broke way too soon.

So I encourage you to try buying and wearing vintage necklaces, rings, earring or other baubles. This is especially true if you like costume jewelry; it's usually inexpensive. Buy what you like if the price is right.

If you only like "real stuff"  that can be a little more risky. There is research you can do to help you tell if the product is as represented. But again, if you love it and will wear it and the price is agreeable, go for it.


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