Unearthing Fanzines: The Ultimate Reader's Guide

Cover of Unearthing the 1980s Desert
Southwest Through Music, Interviews and More
If you were into music, fiction and photography. If you lived in Tucson, Arizona in the late 1980s. You probably read my fanzine, Rhetoric Farm

If you weren't there to get your copy then, you can get every single issue now.
We launched the fanzine Rhetoric Farm to cover the punk crowd and stories from a variety of music establishments. We talked to the bands of the day:
  • Henry Rollins of Black Flag;
  • Exene and John Doe of X;
  • Arizona's Naked Prey, Meat Puppets, River Roses;
  • Fishbone; and
  • Camper Van Beethoven.
We interviewed artists:
  • Keith Haring, who illustrated a cover; and
  • Shane Paul of Phoenix.
So check it out now for 3 bucks. It's a deal and you get to peruse more than 130 pages of content!


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