Friday Fast Five Finds: Our Best Picks of the Past Week

Vintage Creative Playthings ($3) and Brio ($3) race cars
Today we've started a new weekly feature, Friday Fast Five Finds, where we'll detail our best thrifting finds of the week along the prices we've paid. We use many of our own tips from our book to secure these great items. So check out our book if you want to do the same!

In addition, we've provided links to contemporary versions of our finds if you'd like to grab them for your home or collection.

We'd also love to read and see your best finds of the week or month, so please share them with us through the comments. The first five people to post their finds in comments will get a free PDF copy of our book: Thrift Store Scores: Top Tips for the Hunt.

And here we go!

1974 western scene etching by Nancy L. Hull, artist's proof ($5)

"Resurrection" water color by Denver artist Ora King ($8)

Atomic-age wrought iron, metal mesh trash container ($10)

Dick Dale Surfer's Choice album ($2)


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