Mini Project Grows and Grows! How I Coped

I can't use these table in this shape!
I like to shop. Actually, I like to buy. There is a difference. Some people can spend an untold amount of time shopping to get the perfect item. I wish I was more like that.

Two things to be aware of when shopping for vintage items: the need to buy something, anything, to make the trip worthwhile and buying a project. This time I was guilty of both!

After a long day of hunting for vintage goods and coming up empty handed, we landed at an expensive thrift store in a swanky town. The prices were more in line with an antique store, and although the money raised went to a good cause, the prices were rather ridiculous. We found these three TV dinner tables for $15 total, which was the cheapest thing in the store and I had been looking for something like this for a long time. I felt so fulfilled -- triumphant!

Before cleaning and painting
Actually, they needed some love. I wouldn't really use them the way they were. But I figured out they were covered in contact paper, which is pretty cheap. I searched on-line for a modern looking theme that would blend in my house. I found some great patterns and a surprising amount of sizes. I ended up ordering some at Home Depot of all places.

Project complete! I love them!
This project only took me about 30 minutes to complete. Actually, that's a lie. Why?

Because they were sitting in my house for about two months. Life got busy and this project got pushed to the bottom of the to-do list.

Not only did it take longer than I thought to get around to finding and ordering the contact paper I liked, it took longer than I thought to have it shipped. So they got blobbed into the guest room, with a bunch of other things needing my attention.

And my $15 purchase isn't just $15 anymore.

In the end, I decided against covering them with new contact paper, leaving the wood grain of the Masonite board. Instead I spray painted the wrought iron in matte black because they paint was chipped in many places.

This time I feel it was still worth it. Something to think about before you buy that cheap item!


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