Sneakerheadz: A Review of the Sneaker Culture Documentary

Image copyright by Sneakerheadz
We may be a couple years late to the game, but after watching Sneakerheadz  for the second time, this time with our youngest son, we decided a review was in order.

This documentary looks at sneaker culture in the U.S. and Japan with a definite focus on how and when sneaker culture came to be and the current state (as of 2015 when Sneakerheadz premiered).

From what we can tell, sneakers and the culture surrounding them remains as hot as ever. Collaborations between shoe brands like Adidas and Nike with rappers, artists and specialty retailers continue to rule this sub-set of the fashion industry.

It's interesting from our perspective as collectors, who patronize eBay and online shopping sites, to see what a huge difference the internet has made in the sneaker culture. In fact, much of the value of the sneakers comes from their resale value, not the initial purchase price. And it completely changed the way the sportswear companies released shoes.

But one of the most interesting parts of the documentary is the psychology behind sneaker collecting, which, it turns out, isn't much different from those who collect fine art, expensive watches or any other type of "collectible."

Many of the collectors in Sneakerheadz never wear the shoes they have; some have 800 pairs or more. It's enough to know that they have a particular type of Air Jordan; one that  no one else has. As collectors, we understand the delight in having an item that is limited edition or rare, but we've yet to come to the point where we won't, for example, sit in chair just because it's precious.

We also can't fathom how sneaker collectors keep the shoes boxed up, not on display. (Of course, some sneaker heads have entire rooms or websites dedicated to their shoes.) We love seeing our collections every day; it makes us happy. That's one of the reasons we collect.

Finally, as hardcore thrifters, we believe this documentary is worth watching not only to get an idea of what to look for in a thrift store, but also for a better understanding of the worldwide influence sneakers had and continue to have, especially in Japan and America.


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