Twice as Nice: Why Buying Doubles Saves Future Heartbreak

Dorothy Thorpe silver plated roly-poly glasses
Whether you are buying new Nike sneakers or vintage drinking glasses, the idea of doubling up is a good one.

Here's why:

  1. Doubling up is simple, it means buying more than one. Sneakerheads do it with new release shoes, usually buying as many as they can afford. It can be done as an investment, buying something you believe is going to increase in value. 
  2. Buying doubles can be done as an avid fan: because you love it and want a lot of it. 
  3. Or it can be done as a practicality -- one to use and one to keep for the future, whether to have it in case something breaks or gets lost, or if it turns into a hot resale item. Either way you have an extra that is mint.

I like to use my vintage finds because they give me pleasure and because I don't want to live in a museum. But I also know that using things can be risky. I can't be the only person who has turned on the garbage disposal when there was a spoon down there, can I?

So if I am lucky enough to find doubles, I scoop them up, especially on everyday items, like my Copenhagen Cutlery flatware or Franciscan Starburst dish set. Or for things I don't use frequently, but might have other pieces that depend on them, like the Dorothy Thorpe roly-poly drinking glasses holder in the photo (above). It looks great when there are glasses in it, but it wouldn't with missing pieces!

Yes, there are replacement companies but have you seen the prices? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad those places are available. But if I see something I collect and use often for a cheap price at a thrift store or garage sale, I nab them.

And if I'm pretty sure that the new thing I'm buying is something I'm going to love forever or will become a hot resale item, I'm going to buy two.

As long as I have the storage space and the money, that is.


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