Thrifted: Abstract Art from the Vincent Price Collection


Major score! Not because it's the most expensive piece of art in the world but because of the story behind it. It's one of the reasons we love old junk -- such a cool way to connect to history.

My husband has dreams of being an art dealer and, I guess, because we sell art on the internet and once in a while through auctions, he is!

Flipping through the pictures at the local thrift he came across this intriguing one. When he looked on the back it had a label with Vincent Price's name on it! When he did some research the story got even more cool -- it turns out that Sears commissioned Price to go around the world and collect original art for the company to sell. They did some through catalogs and some through in-store galleries. Turns out that the first store to host a gallery was right here in Denver!

So even though this may not be the most beautiful piece of art in our home, this one earns a place on the wall. A cool piece of local history and a great conversation starter! Plus it only set us back $10.


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