Thrifted: Original Art for Your Home!

Artist unknown
We have talked about art a few times in this blog and its because it's something we both feel strongly about.

My husband loves original art -- I swear, good, bad or ugly, he loves many things I don't. But it's his house, too.

I hate hotel art. I don't know what it is really called, but in our house we call it hotel art when it is too matchy-matchy and bland and universal, and they probably bought it at a big box store that sold thousands. Like art in hotel rooms.

I, personally, think you can use anything you collect or love as art. I have seen people who collect snow globes use them as decorations, as well as rootbeer mugs, lunch boxes, whatever. My husband collects bikes, and we have seen those hung from walls and ceilings. The same with skies and snowboards (we do live in Colorado). It's not what I would choose, but bless their hearts.

I have also framed artwork from my children and used that, as well as photos of my children.

We think that art is part of what makes that house uniquely yours, instead of a show home. It makes it feel complete, as well. I went to an acquaintance's house a few years back and honestly thought they had just moved in because their house was super clean and had nothing hung on the walls. It really looked unfinished!

Vance Kirkland, 1979
So we say go for it! Don't be afraid of what other's think! And if it is something everyone living in your house hates, there is always a dark hallway or a guest bedroom that can use another piece of art!

We've found prints, original posters and paintings by Vance Kirkland, Joan Miro and many others.

All of the artwork here is original art found at thrift stores. With some searching you can decorate your home on the cheap with original works! Good luck.

Sally Santschi, 1964
Nancy L. Hull, 1974

Ora King, circa 1959

Souvenir de Castel Gandolfo, 1903

Max Frankel, 1968

Joan Miro


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